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Friday, December 9, 2011

     I hear a lot of people blaming capitalism for this boom and bust economy that we all have grown so fond of. They point to guys living in the Mansions sipping martinis and laughing about how their summer home was such a cute little thing in its six bedroom glory. Its easy to be jealous. everyone has been jealous, especially those people. Now not to say that these people can't be heartless evil monsters, but they are just people. Those people over there are just guilty of being in the right place at the right time. America is supposed to be THE place where everybody can have a dream. Lets

think of it like this:

You and you friends would like a piece of the American dream. one day you all start a bicycle shop down in the old barber shop Owned by old man Sam. Old man Sam says he'll let you rent the store

for $100 a month. Now seeing as there is no option to start your endeavour without using a property owned by him, because they all are, you all agree. You become great Friends with Sam because he helps you out from time to time, and you see him everyday as he lives above the store. You end up helping him Take out the garbage, driving his wife to get groceries he comes to depend on you and you come to depend on him. You Work as hard as you possibly can, and make great money....So much money some of the other guys around town decide they want to start a bicycle shop. Well old man Sam rents a property to them for $200 a month Because he likes money, but "Oh I don't know about two bicycle shops in town". They do Okay but not great, and Old man Sam doesn't like the new business men because they are taking business from his Friends, but he needs their money so he lets them stay. After about a month the newer business owner come up with a great idea. They offer free service to the bicycles they sell to boost business. This idea takes off very well, and your business is in the dumps. One day you and old man Sam are out playing golf and you happen to mention that business is getting slow, you take him out for his favorite bar and buy him a few drinks like you always do. The next day Sam walks up to the newer shop and notifies them that they can only work from 7 in the morning to noon and if they don't install a new garage door that he approves before the next month they can't run their shop anymore. The new hours kill their clientele so they have to let go of all of the employees they had, and the new garage door that he approved doesn't keep their heat in so they can't keep their shop warm in the winter months. They hold on to their dream until every red cent they had earned is drained from their pockets. Now who's the bad guy? The blame may fall on the original shop a little for stoking the fire, but the old man that over charged them and over regulated them to the point that they had to shut down ACTED on his own. The newer shop didn't have a chance because he created an environment that was impossible to thrive in.

Is this capitalism? Now how can capitalism be to blame if it isn't even allowed to function. The problem with all of this is when the rich are allowed to influence the government more than an

average man, the outcome will not be good for capitalism, It will not be good for our country. Don't hate on capitalism hate on cronyism, or crony capitalism.

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